Nathan "Thunder" Hertz is a citizen of Rapture and leader of the Drowned Angels Gang.

Biography Edit

Not much is known about Nathan's origins but it is known that he was an orphan. He lived in the slums of Rapture and had a long criminal record that kept him in jail for months at a time. When he became 17 years old, Nathan started a gang with others like him. He became known as Thunder after getting his first Electro Bolt plasmid. It wasn't long until the civil war broke out in Rapture. As the city fell, Thunder rose in power, increasing the size of his gang into a small army and becoming extremely strong in his electric talents. He gained vast amounts of recognition after killing a Big Daddy one on one.

Abilities Edit

As his name may suggest, Thunder is talented in electrical abilities. His power in Electrobolt has become powerful enough to have power over electromagnetism aswell. He carries a long blade as a melee weapon which he can electrically charge for increased power. Below is a complete list of Thunder's powers.

  • Electro Link: An electric attack that arcs between multiple targets, dealing damage to multiples.
  • Volt Charge: A charge bolt of electricity. Deals massive damage to a single target.
  • Static Wave: Sends a wave of electrical energy at targets, injuring targets within a wide radius. Also distorts vision.
  • Magnetic Launch: Manipulates and fires metal debris. Deals great damage.
  • Thunder Storm: Launches lightning bolts in all directions. Deals heavy damage.
  • Lightning Slice: Transforms a knife into a long electrical sword or whip. Deals massive damage.

Quotes Edit

  • "You shoulda let somebody else kill you. Now I gotta do it!"
  • "This power... I AM GOD!!"
  • "You lookin' at me! Don't look at me, bitch!"

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