Stalkers were created as a stealthy Big Daddy. Though Smaller and faster than other Big Daddies, they still carry Little Sisters. They don't carry weapons but they have defenses. They are very fast and athletic, and also have over four random battle plasmids.

Sinclair Solutions InvolvementEdit

Though Sinclair Solutions started the Stalker project, starting it off as a half armored Spider Splicer type creature. They only handled a small amount of the creation of the Stalker before Ryan took over the company. He scrapped the design and recreated it. The Stalkers were created to be quite smart, with a near human intelect unlike most Big Daddies. He did not use thuggish force either.

Field Testing and CancelationEdit

The Stalker project was tested on the field for a short amount of time before it was declared to dangerous. It was able to go many places others couldn't, and seemed to attack anyone who came within a 30 foot radius of him and his Little Sister. All active Stalkers were soon shut down and a few left stored away for future research. During the incident with Jack Ryan, Fontaine as a last resort released the Stalkers, though they where in the other half of the city, and did not reach him before he escaped.

The Events of 1963Edit

When Eric Ellaway and Liza Ellaway came to Rapture to study what they had only dreamed about, ADAM, this was the first creature they ran into. Immediately the creature attacked Eric and kidnapped Liza, taking her to an unknown area of Rapture. This Stalker is in fact Adrian Rummle, a man who both Eric and Liza knew on the surface who had also been interested in Adam. Though he did not go through the full process of becoming a Big Daddy, and simply has the protection and skill of a Big Daddy, without the simplicity and bondage to a Little Sister.

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