"Rapture has gone to hell, and I've given up on trying to help people. The only thing I can do now is fight to keep the last remains of humanity in this godforsaken city alive." - Shane to Brigid Tenenbaum


Shane Hale was born on June 14, 1940. Not much is known about his past, other than that he killed his parents in self defense due to them becoming insane from splicing too much.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Shane is unique in that he can splice himself with many Plasmids and Tonics and not suffer from any overdoses or withdrawals, therefore he cannot be driven mad and become a true Splicer.


His main Plasmid is Electro-Bolt, which had been altered by his DNA to feature powerful white lightning. Other powered up Plasmids include Incinerate, with blue fire, Winter Blast, with temperatures at absolute zero, Sonic Boom, with bursts of wind at up to 500 mph charged, Telekinesis, which allows Shane to pick up and throw live enemies, and even Big Daddies with some effort (Telekinesis and Sonic Boom can be used in conjunction to devastating effect), and Gravity Well, which can pull in heavy objects and can be charged with electricity, fire, or ice to inflict devastating damage.


Shane equips a multitude of Tonics, buffing his effectiveness in and out of combat, his main being an evolved version of the Proud Parent Tonic, which he named the Father Figure tonic. This makes Little Sisters treat him like they would a Big Daddy, riding on his back, collecting Adam, and allowing him to rescue them afterwards. Others include Careful Hacker 1 and 2, Deadly Machines, Electric Flesh, Electrical Storm, Elemental Vampire, Eve Saver 1 and 2, EZ-Hack, Fountain of Youth, Handyman, Hardy Machines, Natural Camouflage, Security Evasion, and Sports Boost.

Natural AbilitiesEdit

Shane is naturally very fast and has high stamina and endurance, allowing him to be very lethal in battle. He is a master marksman specializing in automatics and semi automatics, especially the Thompson SMG and M1 Garand, as well as handguns, his personal handguns being dual Colt M1911's named Freedom and Justice. He is a master at hand to hand combat as well as an expert swordsman, wielding his personal doube edged two foot sword named Levity in close combat.


Shane is a very kind-hearted person, but outside those he cares for, he is serious and secluded. He wishes to help people, and it pains him when he can't. He is a protector of Little Sisters, and treats them kindly, and often plays with them if they ask. He considers them and Tenenbaum as the family he never had. He works tirelessly to help save as many Little Sisters as he can, and works to find a way to get them out of Rapture.

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