The Rebirth Era is a time which came after Rapture supposedly fell after actions taken Subject Delta and Eleanor Lamb.Below is a list of events which detail events before and during the Rebirth Era.

15 BR (Before Rebirth) Edit

14 BR Edit

  • The remaining Rosies and Maintenance Bots rebuild 20% of damage.
  • Splicers begin to swarm the Blue Abyss.
  • To keep up ADAM supply, Big Sisters begin massive kidnapping campaign on the surface.

13 BR Edit

  • Lucien is born.
  • Oceanus is "born" in the secret Rapture Labs.
  • Many Little Sisters and Splicers disappearr due to Oceanus's feeding frenzy.

12 BR Edit

  • Oceanus awakens the Legion from deep within Level 9 Labs.
  • The Legion and Splicers begin conflict over resources.
  • Big Sisters move Little Sisters to higher levels of Rapture.

11 BR Edit

  • Big Daddy's help Big Sister's in a massive reconstruction effort.
  • The Triton are discovered and freed from the secret Level 6 Labs.
  • Big Sisters begin stealing weapons and supplies from the surface.

10 BR Edit

  • Big Daddy & Sister efforts have increased the size and structural strength of Rapture by 30%.
  • The Triton have aligned with the Big Sisters and Big Daddies. They now help care for Little Sisters.
  • The Legion conquer much of the older regions of Rapture, lining walls with their eggs.
  • The Splicers begin stealing from weapons caches taken by Big Sisters.

9 BR Edit

  • Severe lack of resources causes the Splicers to resort to cannibalism.
  • The Legion begin laying siege to the newer regions of Rapture.
  • Oceanus tames the Legion and uses them to assault the newer regions of Rapture.
  • Gorgon takes control of the Splicers.

8 BR Edit

  • An Icelandic cargo freighter sinks near Rapture. The crew and supplies are captured by Big Sisters.
  • Big Sisters begin using surface dwellers as slaves to build Rapture.
  • The Ether Whale is discovered.

7 BR Edit

  • Rapture begins using Ether Whales as another source of ADAM.
  • A secret United States submarine is captured by Big Sisters near Rapture.
  • Rapture gains nuclear missiles from the submarine and scrap parts.

6 BR Edit

  • Japanese explorers discover Rapture.
  • Japan begins secretly supplying Rapture with technology.
  • Curious scientists travel to Rapture "Safe Zones".

5 BR Edit

  • Travel to Rapture is halted indefinitely by Japanese government after the Splicer Incident.
  • 80% of Rapture's infrastructure is strengthened.
  • Splicer camps in the Blue Abyss grow in size and organization.

4 BR Edit

  • The Legion continues its raids on Rapture.
  • The Triton begin farther to the edge of Rapture, even inhabiting the ocean immediately on the edge.
  • Increased mutation takes place in many Splicers. Heavily mutated Splicers begin civil war with other Splicers.

3 BR Edit

  • Normal Splicers are hunted down by mutant Splicers. Gorgon leads the purge.
  • Oceanus is killed by a Big Daddy, the Legion retreats back into their territory.
  • Splicers capture a nuclear missile and attempt to detonate it in Legion hive.
  • Big Sisters attempt to take full control of Rapture after nuclear missile incident.

2 BR Edit

  • The Big Sister coup is halted by a few Big Daddy and Big Sister resistance forces.
  • An outbreak from Rapture Labs known as the Blue Pandemic attacks Splicer and Triton population.
  • Population of Rapture decreases by 40%.

1 BR Edit

  • Blue Pandemic seems to concentrate into the Blue Abyss before becoming inert.
  • Curious Japanese scientists return to Rapture with new technology and ideas.
  • A new, independent government of Japanese order takes control of Rapture. Governed by Ryu Takeda.

0 AR (After Rebirth) Edit

  • Ryu Takeda begins new construction effort of Rapture.
  • New private military joins Takeda's forces. Containment Zones are created around Legion and Splicer hives.
  • Big Sisters begin working with Takeda to instill order on "contaminated" regions of Rapture.
  • New businesses are started to stimulate Rapture economy.

1 AR Edit

  • Cthulhu is "born" in the pit of the Blue Abyss, created from the remnants of the Blue Pandemic.
  • Security is increased around containment zones. The Legion is suppressed into their territories.
  • Ryu Takeda dubs the newly constructed regions of Rapture as New Rapture while the original Rapture is known as Old Rapture.

2 AR Edit

  • Research into the Big Daddy project continues. Omega Series begins development.
  • The Triton are banished from New Rapture and considered hostile.
  • Alpha escapes his cryogenic prison.
  • Small groups of Japanese gangs travel to Rapture. Drugs, more guns, and prostitution is introduced into the undersea world.

3 AR Edit

  • Alpha takes control of many gangs. Begins a terrorism campaign against Takeda's government.
  • The Triton form resistance groups to fight against Takeda.
  • Old Rapture is attacked by Takeda's forces. The genocidal attack is devastating to life in Rapture.
  • Queen Sister begins a coup to overthrow Takeda. Rapture falls back into the control of its natives.

4 AR Edit

  • Queen Sister keeps most of Takeda's surviving associates as slaves.
  • The Big sisters continue kidnapping children on the surface for ADAM.
  • Queen Sister awakens the Omega Series.
  • A small conflict is quickly put down by the Omegas. The Triton migrate to the lower levels of Rapture.

5 AR Edit

  • The Great War of Rapture begins.
  • Big Sisters kidnap little boys from the surface and turn them into Armed Brothers.
  • Splicers begin building a new region of Rapture to deal with overcrowding.
  • Cthulhu withers and dies. The Blue Abyss finally becomes reopen.

6 AR Edit

  • The Queen Sister is challenged and defeated in battle. Lucien rises to power. He puts an end to the Great War.
  • The Triton begin competing with Lucien's rule of Rapture.
  • Triton capture many cargo runners and ADAM tankers.

7 AR Edit

  • Lucien enacts new laws, frustrating many Rapture inhabitants.
  • Splicers become restless. They are sealed away in Old Rapture by the Omegas, not going without a fight.
  • Omegas become unresponsive of commands. They begin acting on their own accord.

8 AR Edit

  • The Legion has a massive spike in reproductive activity. Their numbers nearly double, making them a vast threat.
  • Queen Sister returns to take control of Rapture. She enslaves Lucien's sister, Lacia.
  • Lucien is banished from Rapture.

9 AR Edit

10 AR Edit

11 AR Edit

12 AR Edit

  • Japanese submarines are captured and stripped of materials.
  • The Rapture Military Station is completed.
  • Mount Plateaus, the undersea volcano, is discovered. The Triton construct Plateaus Town here.

13AR Edit

  • The Legion population nearly bursts. They attempt to break into New Rapture for greater breeding room.
  • To relieve pressure from Legion Hordes, Lucien authorizes the construction of District 2.
  • Marvis is born.

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