Julius Lazarus
Julius Benjamin Lazarus
Biographical Information
Born 1936
Birthplace Rapture
  • Andrew Ryan (Father)
  • Jasmine Jolene (Mother)
  • Jack (Brother)
  • Rose Arwen (Wife)
  • Arrived in Rapture 1960
    Physical Description
    Gender Male
    Height 6ft
    Hair Color Black
    Eye Color Blue
    Combat Type Universal
    Voice Actor James Franco
    Julius Lazarus is the brother of Jack and son of Andrew Ryan and Jasmine Jolene. He was born in 1936 as Jack's fraternal twin; however his brother was marked illegitimate.


    Julius' father performed experiments on him; with the use of Plasmids and Gene Tonics; in order to create a god-like being and the first immortal one ever. When he was born; Julius had a very unique genetic structure in his body which Ryan used and found that the protein contained a chance to become immortal. By 1946; Julius's mother discovered what Andrew was doing to their son and so without hesitation; she took him away from the city of Rapture and headed to the United States. Jasmine attempted to undo the damage her lover had done to their son; which led her to the creation of a gene capable of keeping Julius' powers dormant for a while. She raised him until he was 19 and by that time; he was already out on his own; living in Boston.

    The Unmarked PackageEdit

    One day in 1955; while being scolded by his boss; Julius' anger began to boil and when he snapped at his boss; a burst of psychokinetic force emitted from his body, sending his boss flying 10ft in the air. This led to him getting fired and afterwards he headed home. When he was home; He recieved his mail; an unmarked package was there waiting for him. Once in his apartment; he opened the package; inside was an EVE Hypo containing a white Plasmid. He took it out of the box and injected himself with the substance; leading to his dormant gene being awakened and him passing out for 3 hours. After Julius woke up; he also found a map in the box; this map led to the city of Rapture. He then traveled to the location by helicopter and entered the tower. Insidel; Julius discovered the minisub that led to Rapture and so without hesitation, he entered the sub and headed into now seemingly abandoned underwater city.

    Throughout the whole city; he tried to uncover the secrets of his past and along the way; met Rose Arwen. Both of them traveled through the city together. They eventually found Ryan who was combining every plasmid and gene tonic into his body; leading to him finding his father.

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