A Fiend Splicer is a form of Splicer. It has the general build of a Spider Splicer, but their attack pattern and behavior is noticeably different. They are extremely lethal and are avoided even by other Splicers.


Physically, the Fiend Splicer looks just like a Spider Splicer, but has less deformity on the face. They carry no hooks or knives, instead using their plasmids to attack the player. In melee, the Fiend reveals it has four arms, each with three extremely sharp hooks.

Attacks and AbilitiesEdit

The attacks of the Fiend are varied. Apart from plasmids, they can also attack with powerful physical force.


  • Electro Bolt extremely dangerous, espescially if the player is in water.
  • Telekinesis The Fiend picks up the player and slams him into the walls/floor/ceiling.
  • Insect Swarm  A horde of Hornets is unleashed at the player.
  • Brother's Call The disturbing aspect of the Fiend is his ability to summon Big Sisters and Brothers to his aid.


  • Slash Simply slashes the player with his claws.
  • Chest Impale The Fiend trips the player, and stabs him with his claws.
  • Knockback kicks the player away from him.
  • Charge Commences a rambling charge at the player.  Charges up before hand.
  • Wall attack  Clinges to walls, then jumps at victim from above. He will screech loudly three times before commencing the attack.

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