"Mr. Ryan promised me so many things: A house, a family, so much more. What does he do instead? Gets me pregnant, and leaves me for dead on the streets of Pauper's Drop. To make my life worse, they took my dear sweet Rosebud and my daughter Lucy and turned them into monsters! Mr. Ryan's gonna pay dearly..." Edith via Shaun radio.

Early LifeEdit

Edith Athena Mernan was born August 23, 1915. She was raised in New York as an only child of her father. As a child Edith was abused both emotionally but sexually by her father, making her run away and spending the night with friends. She later got her Phd and studied Physics and was one of the people who Dr. Teneaubuam tild of the ADAM slugs. She then met a young African American woman named Edna and who also had a Phd. They both conducted many experiments on the effects of ADAM but where fired, for unknown reasons by Andrew Ryan.

Life in RaptureEdit

Edith's life in Rapture was rough. She was always a paycheck away from debt and she and Edna lived off of every paycheck. She then found a job at a local club as an erotic dancer and made decent money. Oneday she was dancing and she spotted Andrew Ryan staring at her. Naturally she went to him. After that encounter, Ryan continued to visit her, until he finally took her to his home, and before getting intimate, he promised her she always dreamed. But soon after she became pregnant and informed Ryan, who denied any contact with her. She lost her job, and had to live on the streets. Edna's daughter Rosebud was born soon after, and Edna got a job as a waitress letting Edith stay with her. After Edna was killed by a Big Daddy, Edith sent the girls to the orphanage for Little Sisters. Soon after she grew more depressed and turned to ADAM, where she became a Splicer and then was attacked by a Big Daddy.

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