Bioshock Lost Time

Game Poster

"Rapture was not built to keep people in, it was built to keep parasites out. To be a more pure economy, a more pure government, a more pure society, but now it seems parasites have infiltrated these walls of steel and wish to destroy all of our hardwork, all of our dreams. Rapture will not fall to the parasites, not if I have anything to say about it."

-Andrew Ryan, Game's Opening Speech


It begins as a slow zoom out of the poster, "tomorrow's promises, kept today! Rapture" poster, covered in blood. It reveals to be a first person view. The player sits up, it appears he is wearing a hospital gown and the poster is taped to the ceiling. A coat hook reveals the characters true attire, a black trenchcoat, blue jeans, a black turtleneck and a workboots. He realizes, when he puts on his jacket, that a pistol is in one of the inner pockets. He speaks one of the few lines you'll ever hear him say, "Huh, this is...interesting". He removes the blockade at his rooms door, pushing a stretcher out of the way, then removing a metal bar from between the door handles. Pushing the door opens then the game starts.


BioShock is an FPS with some RPG customization elements to the game. The health/mana system functions similar to System Shock 2. Health and EVE can be replenished with First Aid Kits and EVE Hypos, of which the player can carry a limited quantity. Alternative methods of replenishment are use of Health Stations and consumable items scattered around Rapture. The main currencies used in the game are ADAM and Rapture dollars. ADAM is used to purchase genetic upgrades from Gatherer's Gardens, while monetary funds are used for vending machines and various other purchases.

BioShock expands beyond the normal realm of FPS games, providing the player with the ability to craft items combining various items and components found around Rapture to create ammunition, traps, hacking devices, and even some gene tonics and plasmids that grant the player with special abilities. The player can hack safes, vending machines, and mechanical devices. Weapons can be loaded with three different kinds of ammo that provide an advantage against some enemies, while forming a disadvantage against others. Upon dying, the player will respawn at the nearest Vita-Chamber at no cost. The game itself is also an Open World Gameplay, something that is very rare in a FPS game.


The game takes place in late January, supposedly, of 1960, shortly after the riots that destroyed Rapture and before the Arrival of Jack Ryan. The main character is a Benjamin Grey, an undercover detective only known to Security Chief Sullivan, who awakes three weeks after 1959 New Years Eve Riots in the Medical Pavalion...

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