bioshock 4 is set in a failed utopian city in space called Cosmograd the story behind it is that during the soviet unions reign of power at their heightin the 1970s they experiemented with space technologies and got to the moon unknown to the other country's opposing them the soviets decided to experiment more and fouunded a city on the moon a soviet utopia they brought together great minds and citizens to help colonize the city the city is like retro future in order to maintain secrecy the city is on the dark side of the moon they behgan taking up and building a lot of space in the dark side of the moon technologys flourished and the pople were happy until one day when they discovered a species of alien called exomorphs these aliens had special powers such as electricity and telekenisis fire and more superhuman powers the the leader and the general of the city wanted it so they started a war with the exomorphs which caused many too die they finally killed off most of them and imprisoned others years later in 1978 the city is up and running again and the begining of the cold war on earth has started and scientits have figured out ways to harvest and produec more of this superhuman power do to the thought that everyone was equal the leader of the city gave it out to numerous copany the most sucsessful of them all was called Acron group a scientific compnay that was willing to mass produce element x and years later after the citizens have been exposed to element x the exomorph remnant group comes back and makes a massive war much of everyone is affected by this war and the

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