BioShock Fanon Presents: Bioshock: Warzone, written by ScienceGuy44.

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Bioshock: Warzone is one of the games in the Bioshock series that takes the setting back to Rapture. Set between the events of Bioshock and Bioshock 2 in 1964, the protagonist is now an unnamed man known only as Gunner, who must traverse a single, albeit large, borough at first in an attempt to escape, but later on a quest of revenge against the governor of said Borough, Simon Carlisle.


The game begins with the protagonist, Gunner, awakening aboard a sinking submarine, which crashes into one of the many Transatlantic Express tunnels linked to Sunset Luxury Condomiums, one of the largest and most luxurious boroughs in all of Rapture. During his escape from the now stricken submarine crew, he finds all the US Navy personnel aboard dead, with a large amount of them having been torn apart and left in grotesque bloody mounds. Gunner reaches an airlock leading out of the sub, but must then find a diving suit in order to reach the tunnel. He retrieves the suit and goes on to pick up a Wrench from a dead crewman, shortly after which he is attacked by a Spider Splicer. After killing this Splicer, he makes his way through the tunnel, fighting off Thuggish Splicers and recovering an Audio Diary left by Chumley Pinkterton, a resident and apparent play-boy within the borough, before making it to a semi-working Transatlantic Express metro car, which he uses to break through a sealed barrier and enter the station of Sunset Luxury Condominiums. Once reaching the station and exploring it, he is contact by Simon Carlisle, the governor of the borough, whom requests his help. Simon explains that the Splicers in the area no longer recognize his orders and have instead become territorial and heavily reliant on ADAM. He asks that Gunner rescue him from the borough's citadel.




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