BioShock 3 - FPS video game.


In an alternate Colubmia where Booker is killed during the Fair, Elizabeth loses control over her powers, making Tears appear all over the place, connecting every reality. The line between city of Rapture and alternate Columbia begins to blur, with entities from both dimesions starting a war. Lancer-type Big Daddy called Subject X gets caught in one of Tears, following a Little Sister. Booker and Elizabeth arrive in another Tear, to help X. Alternate Elizabeth however, becomes power crazy and starts to use her Tear opening to destroy Columbia, Earth AND Rapture.


Enemies include enemies from BioShock Infinite and BioShock 2, with some newcomers. Rapture enemies will fight with Columbia enemies.

Normal enemies:

  • Thuggish Splicer.
  • Leadhead Splicer.
  • Houdini Splicer.
  • Spider Splicer.
  • Frosty Splicer.
  • Columbia Policeman.
  • Columbia Soldier.

Heavy Hitters:

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