''"Eliminate the girl, win your freedom"''

''-''Neo's Primary Objective

BioShock: Damnation is a game in the BioShock series. It has no ties to the original games, and hints are dropped of ties to BioShock: Or Two Worlds. A sequel has been confirmed, called BioShock: Salvation.

BioShock: Damnation is an FPS/RPG hybrid, similar to other games of the series. The game returns to the more survival-horror-esque gameplay of the first game, and the steath-based gameplay of Burial at Sea Episode 2.



BioShock: Damnation follows Neo, a man who has been heavilly spliced in an unknown labortory. Due to some side-effects, he appears to be a raccoon. The story occurs in Columbia, and Neo is given an ultimanium: to find and kill Elizabeth to win his freedom. Neo has no memory of any life before his awakening, and as such, is unsure if he even existed before. Due to his heavy splicing, Neo is extremely vulnerable to ADAM: if he takes even one splice more, the effects of ADAM overuse will set in. Therefore, Neo wields a device that not only acts as a sky-hook, but it allows him to channel Vigors without using them directly. Similar to BioShock 2, in BioShock: Damnation, Neo encounters foes who he can choose to let live or kill, and once he defeats a Handyman, he can choose to either save or kill the man, each choice with its own rewards. Depending on his choices, when Neo reaches Elizabeth, it will affect how he resolves the plot.



Gameplay is similar to BioShock: Infinite, but with the more survival-horror feel from BioShock and Burial at Sea: Episode 2. Neo wears body armor to reduce the damage he takes, but with enough punishment, his armor will break and he'll have to find new armor or repair his old one. While his armor is broken, Neo is very squishy, like Elizabeth in Episode 2, forceing him to shift from running and gunning to steath.

Additionally, Vigors appear identical to how they're used in Infinite, but with some minor changes to make each one unique in combat, such as increaseing Shock Jockey's damage output, but reducing the stun time and damage boost, and making Devil's Kiss stronger, due to its low usefulness unupgraded.

The Sky-lines once more appear, and are used similar to Infinite, but with a few differences: Neo's hook allows him to stay still on a skyline, and move along one silently, allowing steath attacks from the sky.

Neo's device on his arm that enables Vigors also has a type of a Lutece Device on it, enabling him to not only open Tears, but create artificial ones, called "Rifts". This device also costs Salts to use. An example of a Rift is with Handymen, when saving him, Neo opens one to bring in a Vita-Chamber keyed to the man's DNA, and the shoots the Handyman's heart, killing him, who then ressurects in the Vita-Chamber as a normal, heathy man.

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