Welcome to the BioFanon! This is the place to publish your very own fiction or artwork on the BioShock universe! All users are invited to proudly show the rest of the community their own work - after all, you spent all the time and paid the dedication... so payment comes through the BioFanon Wiki.

However, like all organizations, there are a few rules (otherwise, this site could end up like Rapture).

Rules Edit

1. Remain Courteous: No over-the-top swearing/cursing. Though BioShock is a Rated M game, there is a line between tasteful and offensive.

2. No Editing Others Work and No Plagiarism: Unless you have explicit permission from the user or there are extensive grammar problems, refrain from editing another user's article. When it comes to plagiarism, well, plagiarism is illegal so you should have an idea that it isn't allowed.

3. Keep It BioShock Related: This is the BioShock Fanon Wiki. Therefore, all articles should be BioShock related. Just common sense.

4. Stick To Canon: This may be a Fanon site but stick to canon. After all, a story about Mickey Mouse turning into a Big Daddy and killing Master Chief just doesn't make for very good reading. Also, god-modding is prohibited as well. Saying that a Big Daddy was so powerful it blew up every planet in the universe doesn't make much sense. Not following this rule wil result in an NCF template appearing on your page.

5. Grammar: Try to use correct grammar unless writing from the point of view of someone who doesn't have good grammar. Both American and British spellings for words are allowed.

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