Barley Miles Edit

"My father? My father was a drunk who gave them his seed and left with his 62 bucks..." --Barley on his father

"The brothers, I can hear-even feel them. They need me, 'cause I'm their Big Brother..." --Barley talking to Delta via radio.


Barley Lucas Miles was created in the laboratories of Rapture in 1952. He was supposedly a "new" kind of human with capabilities that reached beyond the use of Plasmids. He was under the care of an unknown scientist and Dr. Yi Suchong. As the first successful Little Brother, Barley had his own Big Daddy, and went to gather on several occasions. Barley, having powers, oneday lost control after witnessing the murder of Suchong, lost control and effortlessly killed the Big Daddy who murdered Suchong. After that, Barley was immediatly sent to a maximum containment unit, where other dangerous experiments were sent.

One of Barley's names belonged to his father and the other's to his estranged brother.

Events after Jack's DepartureEdit

After the events of BioShock, Barley was 19 going on 20. With much experimenting going on, Barley was fetched from the containment unit and was made into a Big Brother. As a Big Brother, Barley was ordered to police parts of Rapture and occasionally reek havoc among surface poeple and kidnapp young boys. Barley first meets Delta when Delta travels into the unit where Little Brothers are kept. At first Barley is on the verge of attacking but as he observes how Delta has treated people along his journey, he will become less aggresive. He offers to tag along with Delta then quickly decides it's best he take care of other things, before he can. He makes Delta promise to let he and the Brothers come to the surface with he and Eleanor.


(Barley still has the ability to use Plasmids but he has a few unique powers)

  • Telekinis- Barley has the telekinetic strength to effortlessly move an object such as a Big Daddy, but it takes some of his energy away depending on how heavy the object is.
  • Hurricane!- Barley can create powerful winds to clear out areas filled with enemies. This power uses up ALL of the EVE in one use.
  • Hypnotize- Barley can hypnotize Big Daddies, Big Sisters, and other Big Brothers.
  • Winter Blast- Barley can create a powerful winter blast freeze and simotaniously shatter enemies.

Incinerate!- Barley can burn enemies and turn them to ash.


Flash Gun: it's a small yet devastating device that emmits a flashing light to stun enimies. If the enemy looks too long, they will eventually die.

Machine Gun: With this Barley can kill multiple enemies.

Electro Grenade:WWhen this is launched it will make a giant electric explosion.

Energy Blades: conneted to the Big Brother suit are a pair of energy blades that cause minimum pain but surprisingly large injuries.

Electro Whip: conneted to the suit is an electric whip that stuns enemies.

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