BioShock Fanon Presents: Armored Splicer, written by Lindsay Lohan Phoenix.

Armored Splicer
AlignmentVarious groups/criminal organizations
Class/TypeExplorer Splicers

Armor Types/Models

  • Mark I to VI Splicer Armor
Abilities/PowersVarious (depending on the Splicer type or abilities)

Armored Splicers are the primary defensive force of most of the independent nations of Columbia and Rapture within the financially unified territories of the central North American/European industrial complex. Armored Splicers are also the main global exploratory scientific force after the American/Colombian war of 1912 then the Rapture interpolitical civil war in 1959.

Led and co-created by Elizabeth Comstock the First Daughter of Columbia, and co-designed by multiple scientists, designers and numerous philanthropic people within Rapture. Armored Splicers were created for the central purpose of creating a unifiing presence within the later annexed territories of the United States, central Europe and various countries in central America and Asia.

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