BioShock Fanon Presents: Aleia Capizzo, written by Lindsay Lohan Phoenix.

Aleia Capizzo 01
Aleia Mariane Capizzo
Biographical Information
Born Feburary 12, 1922
Birthplace Bronx, New York
Family Frank Fontaine (husband)
Arrived in Rapture May 1, 1952
Physical Description
Gender Female
Hair Color 5 ft. ,7 in (1.70m)
Eye Color Brown
Combat Type Mark 4 Armored Splicer
Affiliation Capizzo Syndicate
Appears in Bioshock: Advanced
Voice Actor Jennifer Tilly

Aleia Mariane Suzano Capizzo is one of the most financially powerful women in the capital sub neighborhood of Old Rapture. Aleia is the second wife of Frank Fontaine and a majority share holder of Fontaine Futuristics making her the 3rd most powerful woman in Rapture next to Elizabeth Comstock herself.

Aleia is also a Mark IV Armored Splicer, the first of her kind, Aleia codesigned the Mark 4 Exploratory Splicer armor herself. This was one of the first steps in global human/splicer exploratory excursions to the most dangerous and remote corners of the planet especially after the 1st Splicer mutation event in the early 1960s.

Aleia also has the dubious distinction of being the head of the Capizzo Crime Syndicate one of the largest black market organizations in Rapture. Aleia's network of hundreds of mechanical Possession Splicers and one of the most elaborate armies of specially genetically engineered Little Sisters and specially armored female Splicer agents who which act as both her workforce and syndicate enforcers.

Declared a "supreme leech" upon society by Andrew Ryan and a major nucence on the peace of the world by Zachary Comstock making her a serious criminal group within both the independent city-states of Columbia and Rapture (This is not including the territories of the United States or other large nations either allied to or financially associated with the two states).

Biography Edit

Aleia Capizzo was born in the early midst of the Jazz Age on February 10, 1922 in Lincoln Hospital in Bronx, New York. Alisa was neither considered particularly bright or gifted compared to many other children in her neighborhood but she managed to led a fairly happy and safe childhood for the most part.

However no one not even Aleia herself would know the fateful turn her young adulthood would take.

Fontaine and Fontaine Industries Edit

Aleia met Frank Fontaine on June 2nd, 1943 in Peltham Bay Park. Frank was overcoming the loss of his first marriage

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